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Carlos Aladim

Graphic Designer

I am Carlos Aladim, Brazilian, and I live in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.

I’m a graphic designer, art director with a specialization in marketing. Graphic design is a great passion in my life, I do my work with many criteria and I always seek to evolve within my creative processes with the search for references and constant updating.

In my professional career, I worked in advertising agencies, design studios, graphics and prepress bureaus, I managed the Marketing and Relationship department of the Super Cérebro Group, a franchise network with more than 200 units throughout Brazil. Nowadays, I work for clients in Brazil, such as MedHealth Healthy Plans, iZETA Institute and proudly ASBB Consulting in Nova Scotia, Canada.

In more tha 20 years of experience in this area, I developed actions focused on the planning, creation and execution of editorial design, branding and advertising projects, where I was able to act on the front line in many of them.

Carlos Aladim
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