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Client Success Stories

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Tri County Women's Centre

ASBB evaluated the impact of TCWC's mental health program to showcase the importance of continuity of these services to the tri-county region and collaborated with TCWC to secure additional funding to offer more value-added services to tri-county women.

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Town of Yarmouth

ASBB collaborated with TOY to develop a set of indicators, research, and demographic data to help apply for federal funding for accessing rural transit funding for accessible bus shelters for Yarmouth. 


Yarmouth and Acadian Shores Tourism Association

ASBB engaged in a detailed market study for implementing a new tourism marketing levy for Yarmouth County and the area. Under this research, ASBB facilitated multiple discussions with various stakeholders, indigenous groups, and municipal governments to understand and apply the implications of marketing levies in Nova Scotia.

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Port of Yarmouth

ASBB conducted a comprehensive economic impact study for the Port of Yarmouth, which showcased the important direct and indirect benefits of the port for the community and beyond. 


Our Customer Testimonials

ASBB Consulting were an absolute pleasure to work with. We were guided through an evaluation process that would not only provide us with the report that we required but also make it easier for upcoming project evaluation and proposal considerations.
Mani is knowledgeable, very approachable and passionate about contributing to communities. She ensures that the outcomes and deliverables will be useful beyond the initial contract for services. We are excited to continue working with ASBB consulting on upcoming projects.
Mani’s knowledge of both evaluation processes and the economic impact of services provided by community based organizations helped us to have an evaluation that resulted not only in identifying areas for improvement, but also in demonstrating the value of the work itself and
the context in which the services are offered.

Trish McCourt, Executive Director, Tri-County Women's Centre

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