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Our Services

ASBB Consulting is a social and economic advisory that empowers governments, non-profits, and industry to make economically and socially conscious decisions through evidenced-based research. We bring special expertise in serving our rural clients. 

There are six broad categories where we engage with our clients. In each category, we have several services to help you meet your goals. 


Problem identification

  • We help clearly articulate the "why" before solving any problem. We verify and clarify the why through qualitative and quantitative research.

  • Develop a clear understanding of the context for problem-solving.

  • Present the current state through effective and clear communication.


Strategy and visioning

  • Understanding "where the organization wants to go" to develop an effective strategy.

  • Understanding the key needed areas of focus on implementation.

  • Co-creating shared visions and goals.



Program design and planning

  • Provide organizations with the necessary research, design, and methodology for programs to solve the problem.

  • Help organizations plan how to execute and implement programs.

  • I am setting up success measures through KPIs, indicators, and performance metrics.


Supporting research

  • Provide relevant 'best practices', data, and research tools to solve the current issues.

  • We help provide an economic lens to policy decisions that prepare organizations for understanding and measuring intended impacts.


Evaluating impact

  • We identify the value of programs and projects by measuring the economic and socioeconomic impacts.

  • Providing policy advice and recommendations for future programs. (It’s a reiterative process).


Workshops & Training

  • We deliver tailored workshops on various topics.

  • Our Popular Workshops include Grant and Proposal Writing, How to Build a Strategic Plan, How to Conduct an Organizational Review, Product Development 101, How to Set up an Effective Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.

We offer services that really dig into how your business is creating impact. 


How do we create impact?

We provide the following services for our clients which are all customizable based on our client's unique needs.



Economic Analysis

  • Economic forecasting and trend analysis

  • Market research and industry analysis

  • Macroeconomic and microeconomic assessments

  • Economic impact studies


Data Collection and Analysis

  • Data gathering and compilation

  • Data cleaning and validation

  • Statistical analysis and modeling

  • Econometric modeling and regression analysis


Market Research

  • Market sizing and segmentation

  • Competitive analysis

  •  Customer behavior and preferences analysis

  • Market entry and expansion strategies

Feasibility Studies

  • Feasibility assessments for business ventures

  • Cost-benefit analysis

  • Risk analysis and mitigation strategies

  • Scenario planning and sensitivity analysis


Program Evaluation

  • Program impact assessments

  • Outcome and performance measurement

  • Cost-effectiveness analysis

  • Logic model development


Policy Analysis

  • Economic policy evaluation

  • Regulatory impact assessments

  • Public policy recommendations

  • Compliance analysis


Economic and Financial Modeling

  • Financial modeling and forecasting

  • Business valuation

  • Investment analysis and decision support

  • Scenario planning and stress testing


Custom Research and Reports

  • Customized research projects

  • White papers and research reports

  • Industry-specific insights

  • Economic outlook reports


Strategic Consulting

  • Strategic planning and advisory services

  • Business development strategies

  • Market entry and expansion strategies

  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) support


Focus Groups

  • Conducting focus group sessions- Qualitative data collection and analysis- Consumer feedback and product development insights


Expert Testimony and Litigation Support

  • Expert witness services for legal cases

  • Economic damage assessments

  • Forensic economic analysis


Government and NGO Support

  • Policy recommendations for government agencies

  • Economic development strategies

  • Grant proposal writing and evaluation


Data Visualization and Reporting

  • Creation of data dashboards

  • Infographics and visual presentation

  • Interactive data reporting tools


Cost Reduction and Efficiency Analysis

  • Operational cost analysis

  • Process optimization

  • Efficiency improvement recommendations

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